We, the Members of the Simi Hills Christadelphian Ecclesia, as a body of true believers, sharing the hope of the resurrection through our head, Christ Jesus, and the hope of Israel, embodied in the kingdom of God soon to be established, do covenant this constitution for the ordering of our affairs. We believe the salvation sought by each of us is better pursed by a cooperative free-will effort and that each Member can and should make a meaningful contribution to our collective endeavor.

The principles of our God are set forth in His Holy Word which shall be our guide. The annexed Statement of Faith, Doctrines to be Rejected and commandments of Christ epitomize the hopes and principles we hold true.

The Ecclesia has the two-fold purpose of being the pillar and ground of the Truth as well as a hospital for the spiritually ill within the Great Physicians can minister. The goals of the Ecclesia therefore are to:

1. Provide a place to worship in spirit and truth.
2. Provide a vehicle for service unto our God.
3. Provide an orderly but equitable fellowship.
4. Provide the benefits of the extended family of Christ.

In addition, we find a need to provide a structure within which we can accomplish these goals and administer our lampstand. The by-laws contained herein are to provide that structure. The Brothers and Sisters that form the membership, being all equal in Christ, shall, as a corporate body, perform the legislative and judicial functions. Authority to execute business is given to serving Members who shall do so at the direction and consent of the membership.

Finally, we recognize that it is only by the grace of God that we are called, by his will that we shall conduct our affairs, and by his mercy that we shall be like His Son. All shall know that we are His if we manifest love one for another.