Procedure regarding candidates for baptism:

I. Request for Baptism

A. Instruction (does candidate understand?)
1. First Principles
a. “Christadelphian Instructor”
b. “Divine Requirements for Salvation”

B. Fellowship (does candidate understand?)
1. Applicable sections of “The Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith” regarding marriage, armed service, etc.

C. Walk (as applicable to individual)

II. Candidate is ready (and time is of the essence)

A. Opportunity will be given for a confession of Faith in the presence of three or more Members.
1. Candidate has the option of oral or written examination.
2. Candidate also has the option of requesting a closed session with only the examining brethren present.
3. The examining brethren should select questions covering only the necessary points regarding First Principles, Fellowship, and Walk, as appropriate, giving the candidate ample opportunity to ask questions as well a give his/her confession of Faith.
4. The examining brethren should realize that this confession of faith is not a “pass/fail” judgment, but a seeking of the candidate’s heartfelt approach to the first steps on the road to the kingdom.
5. Should there be serious doubt about the candidate’s ability to enter baptism, the examining brethren should call an emergency meeting of the membership for discussion.

B. Baptism, by immersion, may follow immediately after a satisfactory interview, if suitable arrangements can be made.
1. Baptism may be performed by the candidate’s choice.
2. Otherwise, by an appointed Member.

“But still, be it said again, ‘We know it is a fearful thing to fall
into the hands of the Living God (Hebrews 10: 31)
and are very aware of the need for constant care
and prayer in our weakness.”

– “The Things We Stand For” by A. D. Norris