Counseling is available for marriage and family problems, including drug and alcohol abuse. The Ecclesia has retained the services of an experienced Christian family counselor located in Pasadena. Members and their families are free to make an appointment for counseling without consulting the Ecclesia.

The counselor bills the Ecclesia for his services without revealing the names of those counseled. This service is restricted to Members of the Ecclesia

The counselor is Dr. Duane Alleman. He has a doctorate degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, and has been counseling Christadelphians for over 10 years. He is State licensed. For an appointment Members should call:

Pacific Psychological Services
200 East Del Mar Blvd., Suite 120
Pasadena CA 91105
(626) 792-8922

Advise that you are a Member of the Simi Hills Ecclesia. They will check your name against the Ecclesial membership list they have on file. Agreed on rates are:

First 5 sessions (45 minutes each)
Member pays $40.00 Each Visit

All Additional sessions over 5
Member pays $80.00

If these rates are not within the means of the Member, additional funding can be obtained from the Helping Hand Fund.