The purpose of the Post-Baptismal classes is threefold:

1) To reinforce and foster a strong base in God’s Principles
2) To educate on the purpose and function of the Ecclesia, and their role in it
3) To establish a communication link with the new Member and a present Member

A suggested course to achieve these goals is to hold weekly bible classes for a minimum of one year, as follows:
I) Assess their understanding of the First Principles of God’s Truth
A) Sit in on Baptismal Interview if possible
B) Discuss Interview with Examining Brethren if unable to attend
C) Review individuals study program with pre-baptismal instructor

Having just finished pre-baptismal classes, the individual may not be disposed to reviewing First Principles again. Remember, if they are sufficiently grounded in this area, you can feel free to move on… Further study and growth may cause the individual to feel that they want to learn more about the basics later.
II) First Principles
A) Bible Marking Course to give them a tangible underscoring of prior teaching
B) “Christadelphians – What they Believe and Teach” – Harry Tenant
C) Christadelphian State of Faith

III) Lifestyle
A) “New Creation” – George Booker
B) “The New Life” – John Marshall
C) “Guidebook for New Christadelphians” – Harry Tennant
D) “Reformation” – Harry Whittaker
E) “What is Right?” – Christadelphian Pamphlet

Lifestyle and Ecclesial Service classes really make up the bulk of the Post-Baptismal Classes. There are several books, in addition to the ones mentioned, that are an excellent basis for this type of study. Be sure to reinforce this with Scripture references, and feel free to digress into subjects of interest to the individual.
IV) Ecclesial Service
A) Review the Constitution of the Simi Hills Ecclesia
B) Review all Ecclesial Guidelines
C) Review the Ecclesial Position on Marriage and Divorce
D) Review “The Lord Hateth Putting Away”
E) Review the “Guide to the Formation and Conduct of Christadelphian Ecclesias”- Robert Roberts
F) Review “Ye Servants of the Lord” – Harry Tenant

V) Individual Study and Service
A) Promote:
1) Bible Reading
2) Prayer
3) Fellowship with Brothers and Sisters
4) Memorial Service Attendance
B) Introduce to personal study aids:
1) Concordance and Lexicon
2) “Index Rerum” and “Wrested Scriptures”
3) “Exploring the Bible” – Harry Whittaker
4) Reference Books; “Studies in the Gospels”, “Acts and Epistles”, etc.
C) Establish long-term bond with new Brother/Sister
1) Become the “Key Contact” for any problems
2) Continue discussion and fellowship
3) Encourage continued study and attendance