JURY DUTY – This information is outdated and needs to be replaced.

In order to assist Brothers and Sisters in their dealings with local courts and jury officials, the following information should be helpful.

If any of our Members should receive a “Juror Affidavit” from the City of Los Angeles, you should complete it as completely as possible, noting that you would like to be excluded due to your religious beliefs. Forward the completed Affidavit to the attention of:

Lorene Nuckolls or William Wallace
Juror Services Division
320 W. Temple Street
Los Angeles, 90012

A copy of the letter from Tom Graham (Attachment # 1) and the letter from Juanita Blankenship (Attachment # 2) should be included. Ms. Nuckolls assures us that the request for excusal will be honored if they are directed to her or William Wallace.
If you receive the “Trial Jury Summons”, there is no place on the form to put the reason for a request for excuse, as with the “Juror Affidavit”. What you should do if you receive the “Trial Jury Summons” however, is type a letter similar to the one attached (Attachment # 3), address it to Gloria Gomez, but send it to the attention of Ms. Nuckolls or Mr. Wallace, again attaching copies of the letters from Tom Graham and Juanita Blankenship.

If you receive a “One Day/One Trial” summons, you cannot follow either of these procedures. According to Ms. Nuckolls, the “One Day/One Trial” is a new program and the power to grant excuses for this program has been removed from the Juror Services Division and rests solely with the Judge. With the “One Day/One Trial”summons, you are required to call the court each day, for a period of 5 days, to determine if you are required to report for service the next day. If you are not asked to report for all 5 days, your service is satisfied.

If, however, you are required to report, you will have to request an excuse with the judge. You will be requesting an excuse on religious grounds, and should take copies of the letters from Tom Graham and Juanita Blankenship.

Members in Ventura County will also find these materials helpful in their dealings with the court authorities.