Minutes of the Arranging Board of the Simi Hills Ecclesial Meeting on 09/11/19.

  • Brethren James Walker, Erik Sternad, David Clubb, Jim Styles, Ken Sommerville, Jim Olguin, Jeff Gelineau and Gordon Hensley were present.  Brother Brad Styles was connected by phone.
  • Jeff Gelineau opened in prayer at 7:34pm
  • Psalm 96 was read and discussed
  • David reviewed the financial report for August with a balance of $31,210. Discussed making an announcement on the business meeting and on the following Sunday to remind the ecclesia about the expense of running the ecclesia. Also discussed announcing a special collection with a bag being passed.
    • Gordon followed up with Levi G to ask a few questions about the music day that the board had at the last meeting.  All people coming are members in good standing at amended ecclesias and memorial service will still follow the normal agenda with some added music and a theme on praise.
      • Jeff is planning on starting a Fundraiser for the backyard project in January
    • Morgans/Abels
    • Michael Jennings
    • Mark Kelso – It was agreed to recommend the Ecclesia disfellowship Mark
  • Next meetings are 10/16/19 and 11/13/19, with a Business Meeting scheduled for 09/15/19
  • James Walker closed in prayer at 10:07pm